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Why Does Neurodiversity Boost Innovation?

WHY DOES NEURODIVERSITY BOOST INNOVATION? There are many reasons why neurodiversity boosts innovation equity in a company, the one we will focus on in this article is how diversity of…

Why Is Social Cohesion Key To A Culture Of Innovation?

Authentic Business Innovation is the creation and exchange of stakeholder value. A culture of Social Cohesion fosters an environment focused on the upward mobility of all within the ecosystem thus…
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Why Is Purpose Key To A Culture Of Innovation?

WHY IS PURPOSE KEY TO A CULTURE OF INNOVATION?   Shared purpose inspires unified momentum towards a vision. This unification increases the velocity with which the vision is achieved. Purpose…

Why Is Burnout Counter-Innovative?

“Working 120-hour weeks doesn’t leverage your unique qualities, it wastes them.” - Arianna Huffington, founder of HuffPost and Thrive Global Innovation is all about creating solutions of value. If you…
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Why Is Accountability Key To Innovation?

WHY IS ACCOUNTABILITY KEY TO INNOVATION?   The Industrial Revolutions of the past have always disrupted the job market though they have not decreased levels of employment, in fact levels…
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Why IS Employee Wellbeing Key To Innovation?

WHY IS EMPLOYEE WELL BEING KEY TO INNOVATION? Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors. What do my customers want? The savviest executives are asking…
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Why Is Failure So Important To Business Innovation?

WHY IS FAILURE SO IMPORTANT TO BUSINESS INNOVATION?   To innovate and transform the status quo is to do things differently and doing things differently requires you to be comfortable…

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in Business

WHY NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) IN BUSINESS?   As more and more of our interactions happen digitally, we will continue to experience new forms of miscommunication and misunderstanding. The solution will…
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Conscious Capitalism in a Globalized World

Conscious Capitalism in a Globalized World. Not only is it good for innovation and profit, it is the right thing to do. WHY CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM? Digitalization is expediting globalization and…
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Why are experiences that transform, the new frontier of innovation?

The desire of the market is what fuels the economy and therefore drives the economic output of a company or that value a consumer buys in exchange for revenue the…

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