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Newmella & Associates

Your Global Partners in Mastering the Behavioural Psychology of Inclusive Innovation

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Who We Are

Your partners in mastering the behavioural psychology of innovation, inspiring and enabling a globe of problem solvers and solution seekers who innovate inclusively with ease.

We are an internationally acclaimed business innovation consultancy that leads Change Management through behaviour change and human-centred design for Inclusive Innovation. Our differentiated approach adds value to all your stakeholders; leadership, people and customers – leading to a more sustainable and profitable business model.

Innovation is the specific instrument of [business], the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth. – PETER DRUCKER

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What We Do

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Train and inspire

Innovation & NLP Training creates an impetus for change and teams understand the Why, What, How and What If of Business Innovation and the role of Social and Emotional Intelligence. We assess the current knowledge of authentic innovation and fill in the gaps with revised knowledge.

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Transform the mind, behaviour and culture

NLP & Behaviour Coaching aim to neurologically reprogramme the mindset and behaviours of your leadership and people to align with a shared purpose and its supporting values. The result incrementally transforms your culture to one that sustainably supports innovation.

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Co-create new products and services

Through Design Thinking and empathy mapping, we boost collaboration by co-creating innovative products or services with your teams that meet evolving market demands, making your business relevant in this economy and geared for growth.

How We Do It

The unique synergy of our Head, Heart and Hand streams that culminates in our Inclusive Innovation Change Management Programme creates holistic stakeholder value for a sustainable business model.


Need an Intervention?

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Contact us for a free consultation so we can understand your business needs

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Choose the full Inclusive Innovation Programme or select your preferred Programme tool that best meets your needs

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Whichever option you choose, we will design a bespoke Change Management programme for your needs

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Programmes are billed based on the number of assessments and intervention contact hours

What You’ll Get

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Innovative & empowered workforce
New thinking for idea generation
Cohesive & collaborative teams
Transformed culture & purpose-driven business
Engaged & aligned leadership
Enhanced stakeholder value
New products & services
Increased margins

Why Newmella?

Innovation is the creative process of developing new ideas by a human for a human (H2H). Many innovation programmes fail because they are structurally focused and short-term. We are in the game of the behavioural psychology of inclusive innovation and human-centred design, embracing humanity in the age of automation.

Newmella enables your business to sustainably innovate inclusively, developing a transformed culture and creating holistic stakeholder value for your leadership, staff, customers and your bottom line. Inclusive innovation adds authentic value to all stakeholders in the ecosystem, making your business model sustainable. We use automated assessments to quantify the return on investment.

Leveraging our uniquely differentiated tools, we create customised and bespoke Change Management programmes based on your business needs, tool selection, and frequency preferences. In a virtual age, we are able to seamlessly run these programmes remotely.

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100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business. – SIMON SINEK

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Such a programme is critical not just for the growth and development of our business but for our people as well... The time, effort and commitment invested in LLI was exceptional, with the team pushing the boundaries and customising the content to align with our team and our business strategy within the legal industry.

Naomi WilliamsDirector, Livingston Leandy

The content was innovative and compelling, the creative choice of visual material enabled a space for a more imaginative thinking process which was facilitated in a playful and focused way, and the delivery of the workshop was unconventional.

Doung Anwar Jahangeer Founder:Dala, Art Architecture for Social Change

Our Design Thinking sessions with Naretha were phenomenal! It was impossible not to feel energised and empowered by this creative and innovative method of problem solving.

Naomi WilliamsDirector, Livingston Leandy

Naretha has a powerful and highly energetic presence which kept me engaged throughout the session. Given the present situation with the Global pandemic when people are feeling stuck Naretha offers you the possibility of creating an alternative future through the lens of unleashing our creative thinking.

Dr Rama NaiduGestalt facilitator and OD Practitioner Director, 6degreeshift

A dynamic and self-motivated individual, she is professional and personable. One of her strengths is her ability to adapt to different business and cultural environments.

Anchi LuiDirector, Big Media Group

I have been engaging with Newmella over the past year. Each of my one-on-one sessions have thus far resulted in a personal breakthrough, which in turn have shifted my leadership style in a profound and positive manner.

Pepe MaraisGroup Chief Creative Officer, Joe Public United

Passion can often be quite an abstract idea to get your head around, but listening to Wendy it becomes quite clear: she exuberates passion. I enjoy having conversations with her as she truly cares about what she does, and most importantly, she does things with purpose.

Naretha PretoriusCampus Navigator, Vega School Durban

She is willing to continue where others would give up, and looking for solutions and new ideas where others would stop.

Cindy CnossenMedia Plus Consulting

Wendy's big picture, creative brain and positive — 'can do' attitude — always seems to find a way to overcome the inevitable challenges. It's really a breath of fresh air.

Bradley SchmidtMarketing Alchemy



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