Instant and Secure Online Payments

How To Pay

1. Choose a payment method

2. Enter Your Details

3. Submission and confirmation

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Use the following banking details for EFT or direct bank deposit:

Account Name: Newmella Holdings
Bank name: Nedbank
Account no: 1130580334
Branch Code: 159326
Account type: Business PAYU
Reference Number: Please use your 10 digit cellphone number

Zapper Online Payment

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1. Download the Zapper application on Android Google Play or iOS App Store.

2. Create your account and add a payment method(credit, debit or cheque).

3. Scan the QR code with Zapper.

4. Enter the agreed-upon amount and press the PAY button.

5. You will receive confirmation of your payment.

Pay-Fast Online Payment

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