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We are a team of thought leaders and industry experts who are all passionate about the value of culture transformation and innovation. Leveraging the strengths of our diverse capabilities, we are united in our commitment to delivering you a return on investment and enabling you to master the Behavioural Psychology of Inclusion Innovation for sustainable success.

Established in 2015, Newmella Holdings has helped numerous organisations, in diverse industries, reposition their brands for future growth.

In a world of hyper-connectivity and stressed resources, value propositions for products and services and consumer expectations have shifted. The rules are changing. The goal posts keep shifting. Markets are not stable, customers are unpredictable and competitors are aggressively targeting market-share.
We can help.

Our Vision

Enable and inspire a globe of problem solvers and solution seekers who innovate inclusively with ease and positively change the world for future generations.

Our Mission

Provide companies and individuals with cutting edge tools, techniques and knowledge they need to become natural problem solvers and solutions seekers who innovate inclusively.

Our Philosophy

If it doesn’t show immediate and positive ecological results we don’t say it or use it. We are free enterprise and pro profit though not at the cost of any stakeholder in the ecosystem.

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The Brains Behind Newmella


Wendy Mahoney

Managing Director – Global Business Innovation Specialist

Wendy is an Innovation Specialist and Managing Director of Newmella Holdings (Pty) Ltd, your Global Partners in Mastering the Behavioural Psychology of Innovation. She chairs the 30% Club for KZN (KwaZulu-Natal), which drives Inclusion within the corporate space; she serves on the KZN NBI (National Business Initiative) council, is a NED for Dare Restoring Worth (a Youth Mentorship and Coaching Academy, est. 2013), is an Executive Consultant to the Institute of Inventors and Innovators and on the Advisory Board of Tedx Gresham Place.

Wendy lectured a course in Business Innovation Management at Vega School, a tertiary education college and subsidiary of ADvTECH; has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing cum laude and a Master of Arts in Brand Innovation cum laude. She is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and an internationally accredited Trainer of NLP. Wendy is a seasoned conference speaker and has presented on TED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrAiSYN00rE. Her corporate positions include; Executive Director European Times, Director Sales and Marketing CNBC and Forbes Africa, General Manager Sales Trudon South Africa and Director TDS Namibia.

It was during Wendy’s existential crisis and exit from corporate that she began her research into Brand Innovation driven by a desire to innovate her life. Her team of specialized associates now enable and inspire a globe of problem solvers and solution seekers who innovate inclusively with ease. The team refer to their methodology as Head (Innovation & NLP Training and Keynote Talks, PDMP Assessment), Heart (NLP & Behavior Coaching, ICAT Assessment) and Hand (Design Thinking Facilitation, Empathy Map Insights, NDIP Assessment).

Meet The Associates

naretha bio image

Naretha Pretorius

Associate: Design Thinking

Naretha Pretorius is the Campus Head at the IIE Vega School, Durban Campus. Naretha is also a thinking facilitator and consultant in creative and critical thinking for innovation, teaching and learning, and strategic decision making. Her passion is to facilitate ways of thinking, using a combination of design thinking, ideation and various engaging techniques for concept development, problem solving and strategic direction. Her approach in finding solutions sits in the art of asking the right questions through creative exploration. Naretha has experience in curriculum and programme development, higher education, educational methodologies and leadership. Besides her passion for education and thinking facilitation, she is also a practising artist. She completed a BA Honours in Fine Art at University of Pretoria, and a Master’s Degree in Fine Art (Cum Laude) from the Durban University of Technology where she received the Dean’s Merit Award for Excellence. Naretha participated in several group exhibitions, did a solo exhibition as part of her master’s studies, and presented as a guest speaker at several conferences and published a number of articles.

Guest Column (2019): https://issuu.com/famouspublishing/docs/kzn_invest_08_binder1/42
Guest Article (2020): https://issuu.com/famouspublishing/docs/ridge_lockdown_dig_edition/16
Masters Dissertation (2011): https://narethapretorius.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/pretorius-dissertationdec2011_fin.pdf
Self-published artist catalogue (2011): https://narethapretorius.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/onthaal-onthul-book_npretorius2011.pdf
Academic Journal Article (2008): https://narethapretorius.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/pretorius-n-2008-written-self_journal-of-independent-teaching-and-learning.pdf


Katherine Dünhofen

Associate: NLP Coaching, Instructional Designer

Katherine is a Business Innovation and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Instructional Designer. Her education took her through the journey from a BA (Hons) degree in Economics and Social Anthropology, to a Postgraduate Diploma in Training and Curriculum Development, to qualifying as an NLP practitioner.

Katherine has worked both in Academia and Corporate Training where she has deepened her understanding of the neuroscience of learning. Katherine develops training courses for adult learners, based on the principles of active learning and learner-centred engagement. By weaving the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural aspects of learning into instructional design, Katherine develops training programs in which participants feel motivated and engaged, and which are highly focused on developing skills necessary for professional development.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a framework for fostering innovation and problem-solving skills. Katherine believes in the importance of generating change that is both sustainable and attainable. In her free time, she is a photographer, musician and a yogi.

cathie lewis

Cathie Lewis

Associate: Innovation Training

Cathie has over 25 years’ experience in governance and legal work, of which 11 has been as a group company secretary and the last few years in the sustainability field. She has lectured, practised as an attorney and conveyancer for her own account and advised as in-house legal counsel.

Cathie is since 1 June 2020 responsible for sustainability for Grindrod Limited, a company listed on the JSE on a part time basis. Previously she was the group company secretary for over 7 years.

She has experience in governance, legal compliance, company secretariat, integrated reporting, ethics, sustainability strategy and risk and opportunity management.

She is one of the founding directors of Co-Go, Collaborative Governance Network for Water Security; board member and chairman of the KZN Advisory Council of the National Business Initiative (NBI); assists with reviewing some of the practice guidance for LexisNexis when requested and provides training and participates as speaker at conferences.

She was selected as one of the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Women in 2019 and elected the KZN Regional Positive Role Model in the 8th Gender Mainstreaming awards in 2020.

Admitted attorney and conveyancer of the High Court of South Africa
Fellow membership of the CGISA
LLM: Law of Contract (University of Pretoria)
LLM: Corporate Law (cum laude) (University of Pretoria)
Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership (University of Cambridge)


Tristin-Storme Redpath

Associate: NLP Coaching, Behaviour Coaching

Tristin’s fascination with the mind-body connection began at an early age. She was diagnosed with chronic asthma and, through understanding the psychosomatic root cause , she was able to heal herself completely. Tristin has spent over a decade collecting powerful transformational tools designed to uproot limiting beliefs. She assists her clients in clearing out the mental / emotional / behavioural blocks that hold them back. Tristin has a passion for sustainable change in all areas of life, allowing her clients to step up and thrive. She has trained in various modalities including; NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Neurosemantics, Symbolic modelling, EFT, Metaphysics, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Tristin is also an internationally qualified Life Coach.

irene munthree profile

Irene Munthree

Associate: NLP Coaching

After becoming an Internationally Accredited Transformational Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Irene Munthree, left her career as an IT Specialist after 20 years, to work fulltime at her business High on I.

Irene is SAQA Accredited in conflict resolution and specialises in resolving conflict which presents internally as autoimmune disease within the body and presents externally as conflict with others. She uses root cause analysis to empower clients to remove emotions, thoughts and behaviour that is not serving them.

With the courage to be unapologetically herself, she and her controversial poetry has featured on Durban’s East Coast Radio. Her poems have been published in the anthologies, Drumbeats from Africa and Best New Poets of Africa 2018. She performed at Poetry Africa 2019.

She wishes for her coaching and poetry to inspire people to question the status quo, become aware of our own closed mindedness and then choose to open our minds to the extraordinary infinite possibilities of this glorious human experience.

“I have found an avenue to fulfil my life’s purpose, as I hold a genuine belief that feeling joy is our birth right as human beings and every individual has the capacity to create their best life.”

karen mcintosh

Karen McIntosh

Associate: Behaviour Coaching

Start the business. Play the sport. Get uncomfortable. And know, when you hitch yourself not to people, places and things, but to a greater life purpose, you elevate your personal power.

Having spent a good many years traversing the entrepreneurial landscape, Karen has a special interest in GRIT development and working with businesses and people who desire to impact their community and foster a growth mindset. Tenacity is a skill set that can be learnt and as Amelia Earhart succinctly puts it “the fears are paper tigers”.

Having lived and worked in Sydney Australia for 6 years, post completing her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of KwaZulu Natal, Karen developed some aspects of this tenacity of spirit, allowing her to dance with change, and discrimination. Within the context of her recent psychology degree completed as a registered counsellor in private practice, the in-depth exploration of the multicultural landscape of South Africa and how to implement cultural sensitivity was of particular interest and has added depth to her repertoire of skills where change and a culture of inclusion is key.

Karen has an authentic and very lateral thinking approach to psychology. Her way of working with clients can be best described by a combination of Adlerian Therapy and Ubuntu. Alfred Adler focussed much of this research on feelings of inferiority versus superiority, discouragement, and a feeling of belonging within your community and context, and how this manifest in goal attainment and motivation. This style of therapy is rooted in positive psychological development, with reverence to the social-economic contexts of the client setting and offers tools and skills for enhanced decision making and mental fortitude.


Lisa Triani

Associate: Behaviour Coaching

“Do not lose heart: we were made for these times.” Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Lisa Triani graduated with an Honours Degree (Cum Laude) in Political Philosophy from University of KwaZulu-Natal. She packed her bags, completed a teaching qualification in Italy and spent the next few years in the world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language – where she lived in many places and cut her teeth as an educator and project manager. She ran a language school in Rome and summer school programmes at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, trained teachers all over Europe and entered the arena of E-learning by writing an online syllabus before really understanding the impact that remote learning would come to have on global education.

When she returned to South Africa, Lisa deepened her passion for bringing change and eliciting effective communication by training as a Life Coach, Facilitator and Mediator. She was invited to collaborate on designing digital coaching content with the aim of changing behavior at scale – and she created her first learning programme called Delight@Work. Realising the emerging impact of E-learning in reaching people en masse, Lisa dedicated a large portion of her career to instructional design and sustainable behavior change via remote mediums, whilst still retaining her in-person consulting.

Her love for supporting teams and individuals through change has deepened over the last decade. She currently enjoys a rich spectrum of coaching, facilitation, training and learning design work. Her clients range from high performance individuals dealing with the pressures of success, to corporate teams undergoing metamorphosis or needing alignment, to NGOs and creative arts collectives seeking to stay relevant in changing times. Her toolbox contains the goods for increased awareness, empowerment and collaboration, incisive strategic impact, unpacking and resolution of conflict and solutions-focussed communication.

In her leisure time, she is a rock star

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