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Do you want the latest cutting-edge techniques used to enable transformation, unlock innovation and boost profit?

Do you want to not only survive but thrive in rapidly evolving economic times? Only those equipped with the tools to
change will survive.

Do you want to be one step ahead of your competitor in 2018?

90% of global leaders are focused on building organisations of the future, are you? Are you ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution, The Exponential Age? Don’t be left behind. Prepare now for 2018 by booking your place now on the Accelerated Business Innovation Program.

Newmella Holdings, a world-class Business Innovation Consultancy, has helped numerous organisations, in diverse industries, reposition their brands for future growth. In partnership with Vega, Newmella has crafted a unique Accelerated Business Innovation Program, a first to market program crafted from years of research and insight, combining the theory and practise of innovation with neuroscience for transformation, innovation and profit.

Make 2018 your best year yet, unlock your ability to transform, to innovate and profit:

Level 1 – 13-17 November 2017 – R 24 950

Level 2 – 20-24 November 2017 – R 24 950

Book both programs and receive a 20% saving or book 5 or more people and receive a 10% saving. Level 2 cannot be completed prior to completing Level 1. Book now for 2018 and receive 2017 rates.

In a world of hyper-connectivity and stressed resources, value propositions for products and services and consumer expectations have shifted.  The rules are changing. The goal posts keep shifting. Markets are not stable, customers are unpredictable and competitors are aggressively targeting market-share.

Continuous improvement programs that create minor change are not good enough. Too much time and resources are expended trying to fix broken systems, processes, and other business issues. NLP pushes the issue to a higher level by focusing on new ideas and innovation to re-invent how things are done.

The degree to which you depart from the old ways is determined by your beliefs. Traditional thinkers will depart less than non-traditional thinkers and this has profound implications on how much change will take place within the organization. Rigid organizations and people are locked into the past, unable to influence and control what is happening around them.

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