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Newmella Holdings, a world-class Business Innovation Consultancy has helped numerous organisations, in diverse industries, reposition their brands for future growth. In partnership with Vega, Newmella has crafted a unique Business Innovation Masterclass, a first to market program crafted from years of research and insight, combining the theory and practise of innovation with neuroscience for transformation, innovation and profit.

What you will receive on this program you won’t receive anywhere else in the world. You owe it to yourself and your business.

Here Are 5 Ways NLP Can Help You In Business

1 – Improves EQ by using self awareness to monitor and change behavioural patterns.

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2 – Improves team cohesion as there is greater understanding and tolerance of differences.

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3 – Inclusion of differences unlocks innovation as each individual brings with them unique insight which together provides the foundation for rich ideas essential to innovation

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4 – Drives Personal Mastery and improves productivity as it breaks down limiting beliefs


5 – A company’s and individual’s values are the greatest drivers of innovation, once focused and aligned they have the greatest ability to unlock transformation, innovation and profit as well as greatly improve job satisfaction and purpose, meaning increased productivity and less staff turnover.

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