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Welcome to Newmella Holdings, a world-class Business Innovation Consultancy. The Exponential Age is driving the need to innovate. Innovation though is a result that is the output of behaviour and behaviour is determined by culture. Newmella Holdings enables and inspires the culture transformation required for innovation and profit. “Organisational culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner” Peter Drucker.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Organisational Structure for Innovation

Organisational Culture for Innovation

Conscious Leadership and Change for Innovation

Performance Management for Innovation

Aligning Values for

Emotional Intelligence for Innovation

Inclusive Diversity for

Designing an Inspirational

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We provide you with only the leading experts for any training lecture.

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Gain full visibility of your training progress, areas of weakness and strengths.

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Experience true business transformation for innovation and profit with Neuroscience

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Our Success Stories

A dynamic and self-motivated individual, she is professional and personable. One of her strengths is her ability to adapt to different business and cultural environments.

Anchi LuiDirector, Big Media Group

Passion can often be quite an abstract idea to get your head around, but listening to Wendy it becomes quite clear: she exuberates passion. I enjoy having conversations with her as she truly cares about what she does, and most importantly, she does things with purpose.

Naretha PretoriusCampus Navigator, Vega School Durban

She is willing to continue where others would give up, and looking for solutions and new ideas where others would stop.

Cindy CnossenMedia Plus Consulting

Wendy's big picture, creative brain and positive — 'can do' attitude — always seems to find a way to overcome the inevitable challenges. It's really a breath of fresh air.

Bradley SchmidtMarketing Alchemy

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Why Does Neurodiversity Boost Innovation?

WHY DOES NEURODIVERSITY BOOST INNOVATION? There are many reasons why neurodiversity boosts innovation equity in a company, the one we will focus on in this article is how diversity of…

Why Is Social Cohesion Key To A Culture Of Innovation?

WHY IS SOCIAL COHESION KEY TO A CULTURE OF INNOVATION? Authentic Business Innovation is the creation and exchange of stakeholder value. A culture of Social Cohesion fosters an environment focused…

Why Is Purpose Key To A Culture Of Innovation?

WHY IS PURPOSE KEY TO A CULTURE OF INNOVATION? Shared purpose inspires unified momentum towards a vision. This unification increases the velocity with which the vision is achieved. Purpose…

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