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Accelerated technological innovations have changed the way business is conducted and understood (Taminiau, Nyangon, Lewis & Byrne, 2017).

For companies, change is a constant and important theme. Whether that change occurs internally, by means of reorganisation, changing work methods or changing products and services; or whether that change occurs externally, with changing social, technological, environmental, political or legal variables. Change is always constant on the macro, meso and micro levels of any organisations.

“Leadership is about dealing with change and more change demands more leadership.

The pursuit of innovation isn’t merely about nurturing creativity, evaluating risk and managing failure with the goal of creating new value.

It is about overcoming individual and organizational fear of the unexpected and, discarding what we think we know about a new unfolding world. “ – Jeff De Cagna, Principled Innovation LLC

In order to support Leaders as change gets exponentially faster, Newmella in association with Business Engage has highlighted key themes requiring attention.

  1. Conscious Leadership in the Exponential Age
  2. Leadership Responsibilities and Duties
  3. Navigating Corporate Politics
  4. Effective Strategy and Problem Solving
  5. Managing Innovation
  6. HR and Talent in the Exponential Age
  7. Ways of Thinking for Executive Decision Making
  8. Navigating Governance – King IV
  9. Leadership Impact and Influence and your Personal Brand

These themes will be addressed by relevantly qualified thought leaders and aims to bring to you the latest evolving views on the theme at hand.

Each engagement once recorded will be available on www.newmella.co.za.

More information on Business Engage, and the 30% Club activities in Southern Africa, is available on https://www.businessengage.co.za/.

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leadership responsibilities duties subashnee moodley

Leadership Responsibilities and Duties with Subashnee Moodley

R75 | Subashnee Moodley Attorney & Managing Director. Admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa...

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effective strategy problem solving lorraine hill

Effective Strategy and Problem Solving with Lorraine Hill

R75 | Lorraine Angela Hill Aspen Group Operating Officer and Responsible Pharmacist...

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leadership impact influence personal brand buyani zwane

Leadership Impact and Influence and your Personal Brand with Buyani Zwane

R75 | Buyani Zwane is an inspirational speaker, network builder, business and life student, educator and ...

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leadership_responsibilities duties cathy lewis

Leadership Responsibilities and Duties with Cathie Lewis

R75 | Cathie has over 25 years’ experience in governance and legal work, of which 11 has been as a group company secretary ...

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