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Why Is Social Cohesion Key To A Culture Of Innovation?

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Authentic Business Innovation is the creation and exchange of stakeholder value. A culture of Social Cohesion fosters an environment focused on the upward mobility of all within the ecosystem thus magnifying the focus on stakeholder value exchange.


This could be termed Conscious Capitalism, pro-profit and -free enterprise though not at the cost of any stakeholder. Which a S&P study also showed increased profitability 14 fold.




SOCIAL COHESION is defined as the WILLINGNESS of members of a society to cooperate with each other in order to…….SURVIVE AND PROSPER.


COHESION is the degree to which those in a SOCIAL SYSTEM identify with it and feel bound to support it, especially its NORMS, BELIEFS, AND VALUES.


A SOCIALLY COHESIVE SOCIETY is one which works towards the WELLBEING of all its members, FIGHTS EXCLUSION and marginalisation, creates a sense of BELONGING and offers……….. UPWARD MOBILITY FOR ALL.…/building-social-cohesion-our-communities


Understanding Authentic Business Innovation changes the business paradigm to

ecological value for ALL, simultaneously achieving social cohesion.




COHESION is the degree to which those in a SOCIAL SYSTEM identify with it and feel bound to support it, especially its NORMS, BELIEFS, AND VALUES.


What are the company’s values and how specifically are these values lived within the company? Do these values support Authentic Business Innovation which is the creation and exchange of ecological value for all? If they do, then by the nature of these values the company will be contributing to a socially cohesive society.


Life operates in ecosystems which accumulate into behavior. The collective minds of these companies will contribute positively to forming society’s source code and together what we collectively believe we will collectively bring about (Collective Thoughts Form Societies Tom Chi, Google X). Focusing our motive power and effort on the same goal, will accelerate the velocity with which we move closer to that goal.




“Business can be the biggest contributor to ending poverty or it can be one of the biggest causes of the challenges we are facing.

There is no business case for enduring poverty. We need a new way: open, inclusive and sustainable. That’s the business model of the future.”

Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever


Conscious businesses are authentically innovative and pro social cohesion, they are also unapologetically in favour of FREE ENTERPRISE and are PRO-PROFIT – just not at the expense of any stakeholder. This focus brings excitement, inspiration and energy to doing business.


And if you don’t cultivate a culture of social cohesion, not only will you lose innovate capital, you will lose returns as conscious businesses produce higher long-term returns than businesses that focus on profit alone,  RETURNS BY 10 TO 14 TIMES.