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Business Innovation is the creation of value (inspiration, ideation) and the giving of value (product or service) in exchange for value (revenue). Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the language of the mind, yours and others.

The BUSINESS INNOVATION AND NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING PRACTITIONER TRAINING course provides you with the knowledge and understanding of what Business Innovation is and the role of the language of the mind in Business Innovation as the vehicle of value creation, implementation and receipt.


This training, when completed, enables you to understand the Why, What, How and What If of Business Innovation as well as how to experientially access the frontal lobe of the Neocortex, the seat of human creation and innovation and move away from the survival mode of the Limbic Brain by understanding the language of your mind. You will be empowered with the tools required to innovate yourself and others. You will recognise the thinking patterns that do not serve you, overcome your mental limitations, reach your potential and help others to do the same. This is a Neuro-Transformation journey for innovation and profit.

This course will additionally elevate your consciousness through self-inclusion resulting in a more conscious leader more readily able to step into their authentic power and embrace the inclusion required to excel in Innovation. One cannot accept another without first accepting oneself and to accept oneself one needs to know thyself, this is what it means to step into one’s authentic power.

This course will help you create a sustainable culture of innovation in your organization and enable you to confidently use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to get the results you want.

Complete lessons 1 through 19 and write your online exam. You will be notified of your success and an electronic demonstration date and time will be scheduled, after which you will receive 3 internationally accredited certificates – Business Innovation Practitioner – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner – Time Line Therapy Practitioner. All training is internationally accredited with the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Global Board of Neuro Communication.

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“This has been an amazing, amazing turning point, amazing experience, I would highly recommend it to anyone and thank you to our facilitator Wendy.”

Swaaibah DawadBusiness Innovation and NLP Practitioner Training - June 2019
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conscious leadership wendy mahoney

Conscious Leadership with Wendy Mahoney

Price: R575 | Wendy is an Innovation Specialist, she Chairs the 30% Club for KZN and heads Newmella Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a Global Business Innovation Consultancy ...

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Why innovate now?

FREE | This lesson introduces the training series and covers why it is so important in the current 4th Industrial Revolution: The Exponential Age, to innovate now.

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What is innovation?

Price: R575 | This lesson explains what innovation is, what the different types of innovations and innovators are as well as the role of diversity and inclusion.

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How to innovate

Price: R575 | This lesson introduces you to neuroscience and how to condition the mind for innovative thinking.

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What is NLP?

Price: R575 | This lesson covers the type of thinking that hinders innovation, how to overcome resistance individually as well as how to manage it collectively.

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NLP communication model

Price: R575 | This lesson covers what Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is and its applications in life and business for achieving your desired goals.

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Foundational Applications of NLP

Price: R575 | The lesson covers the foundational applications of NLP for success, by uncovering simple and effective tools and techniques.

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Intermediate Applications of NLP

Price: R575 | The lesson covers the intermediate applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for success in life and business.

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The Meta Model and the Milton Model

Price: R575 | This lesson covers the Meta model, how information is deleted, distorted and generalised and the Milton model, which is the use of hypnotic language patterns.

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Anchoring: Remove Minor Negative States and Create Desired States

Price: R575 | This lesson covers anchoring, a simple and effective tool used to remove a minor negative state, to create the desired state or to create a movement towards a desired outcome.

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Advanced Applications of NLP

Price: R575 | This lesson contains advanced applications of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), including the resolution of neurological conflicts.

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Advanced Use of Language and Basic Meta Programs

Price: R575 | This lesson covers the advanced use of language with intent, as well as what the four key meta-programs are and how to elicit them in yourself and another.

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Time Line Therapy

Price: R575 | This lesson covers an introduction into Timeline Therapy, what it is and how to use it to identify and effectively remove the root cause of negative emotions.

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Time Line Therapy and Quantum Physics

Price: R575 | This lesson covers more about effectively using Time Line Therapy as an intervention and how it relates to Quantum Physics. You will also learn how to easily relieve anxiety in yourself and another.

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Removing Limiting Decisions and Phobias

Price: R575 | This lesson explains what a limiting decision is and how to alter someone’s reality by easily and effectively removing limiting decisions and phobias.

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NLP Goal Setting and Time Line Therapy Theory

Price: R575 | This lesson covers goal setting, how to formulate effective goals and how to place them into your timeline using NLP. This lesson also covers additional resources and theory on Time Line Therapy.

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Neuro-linguistic Programming in Business

Price: R575 | This lesson covers how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in business to increase sales, handle objections, negotiate and influence and format a meeting for success.

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How to Start a Coaching Practise and / or Coaching Intervention

Price: R575 | This lesson covers a guide on how to start your very own coaching practice and / or coaching intervention.

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Social Cohesion, Conscious Leadership and Conscious Capitalism

Price: R575 | This lesson covers social cohesion, conscious leadership and conscious capitalism, learning how to cooperate, survive and prosper together in the Exponential Age.

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Lesson 1-18 Key Concepts Refresher

Price: R575 | This lesson covers all key concepts covered in lessons 1 to 18 and is geared at preparing you for your online test.

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test cover

BINLP Final Test & Demonstration

Price: R2125 | Complete the Business Innovation & NLP Practitioner Training Course Test. This will be marked as complete after completing your demonstration.

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